Hello world!

You are either making the coldcall or receiving the coldcall – one thing is for sure:

No matter at which end of the coldcall you are at —>>>

You don’t want to be in a coldcall.

The coldcall.us project puts an end to the miseries of “coldcalling” meanwhile benefiting everyone involved. (This summary does not mention Email Marketers, however the system can be used as a solution to transform that industry too)

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Nobody enjoys receiving coldcalls and neither do coldcallers enjoy making the coldcalls. Once the sales coldcall was placed, in 99% of the cases it leads nowhere. Therefore coldcalling is a waste of time for both ends of the call. Waste of time for the sales people and it’s a waste of time for the person having to “partially” listen to the coldcall. Nevertheless, it is a given that Coldcalling is here to stay forever.